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Anti-Syphon Valves


An innovative and very cost effective new 2” Anti-Syphon Valve brings better flow and performance to above ground storage tank applications.
  • High flow rate – up to 180 litres/minute
  • Suitable for petrol and diesel (including bio-fuel blends) and head pressures of 6.5m (0.6 bar)
  • Can be adapted to 1.5 inch pipework
  • 2 inch pecat 4 bolt flange allows for easy fitting
  • Includes stainless steel inlet screen
  • Installed at base of tank or dispenser in place of elbow fittings (Must be installed below the level of any air separator on the dispenser).
  • Hydraulic valve damper and progressive flow opening minimise ‘hunting’

The Risbridger Anti-Syphon Valve meets the requirements of standard and high-flow fuel
dispensers connected to above ground storage tanks with 50mm (2 inch) pipework.

Providing anti-syphon protection, the valve is capable of flow rates of up to 180 litres per
minute. The diaphragm servo assisted operating method allows high flow and low vacuum
pressure loading of the dispenser pump – unlike spring resistance type designs.

Hydraulic valve damper and progressive flow opening minimise ‘hunting’ flow modulation
problems over a wide flow and head pressure range.

Patent applied for: 1606281.2