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Contamination of fluids in aircraft applications is a major problem and can lead to expensive failures of critical equipment – leading to expensive aircraft downtime. Water ingress and particulate contamination can cause fluids to attack internal surfaces which then produces further contamination internally.


Risbridger hand pumps and rigs are designed to dispense super clean fluids into critical aircraft systems, whilst protecting them from contamination. The high quality equipment is made to fit directly to factory packed cans or containers.


The fluid is pumped through the integral filter via hose and coupling direct into the aircraft system. High level single pass filtration is essential to improve system reliability and lengthen life of components. Risbridger hand pumps and rigs for Aircraft Ground Servicing provide dispensing tools and a high level of filtration in one package!


The ‘1600 series’ filters (Beta 200 = 4.6 micron, in accordance with ISO16889) in Risbridger equipment will dispense fluids to a cleanliness level of ISO4406/SAEJ1165 Class 17/15/12.


For a wide variety of factory packed can sizes and shapes as well as refillable units, we can provide safe and efficient tools for fluid replenishment tasks (that may include the need for an amount of chopped strand mat if substantial works are required), as well as accessories such as overspill collection kits.