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Testable Fittings

Risbridger make a number of fittings that allow easy and simple testing of pipework without disassembling the lines.


Testable Tanktop Vent



Testable Tanktop Suction Fitting – to allow testing of suction line from under the dispenser using our Testable Under Pump Check Valves

Part of the RIS-FLANGE™ Tanklid System, a comprehensive series of products to populate either Suction or Pressure system tank lids with high quality, efficient fittings that are easy to install, maintain and test. This system also allows simple disassembly and reconfiguration of layout on tanklids using only hand tools.


  • Lower installation costs and can be fitted to tanks in the factory or on site
  • Easy to fit to the tank lid and allows 360° rotation of modules to align with pipework entry
  • Available with ‘Shut-off’ test fitting capability or plain ‘elbow’ style
  • Suitable for use with Bio-Fuel blends up to 90%
  • Eliminates leak paths with blind hole tappings on lid
  • Compatible with all pipework brands
  • Flexible connectors available, making the fitting easy and remove stress from the pipework

Available configurations:

  • RIS-FLANGE2-SO-SUCTION-R2-MK2 (2″ female threaded base)
  • RIS-FLANGE2-SO-VENT-R2-MK2 (2″ female threaded base)
  • RIS-FLANGE2-SO-SUCTION-15 (1.5″ female threaded base)*
  • RIS-FLANGE2-SO-SUCTION-20 (2″ female threaded base)*
  • RIS-FLANGE2-SO-VENT-15 (1.5″ female threaded base)*
  • RIS-FLANGE2-SO-VENT-15 (2″ female threaded base)*

*Includes threaded outlet flange