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WT01H - Wind turbine hydraulic fluid top-up Hand pump


Improve service efficiency

The WT01H is the latest hand pump in our wind turbine fluid dispensing range. This pump allows a single user to replenish the hydraulic fluid reservoir safely and efficiently, reinforcing the philosophy of the WTSR (Wind Turbine Safety Rules), by being ‘safe by design’.

There is no need to perform isolations on the hydraulic system within the turbine, therefore saving a considerable amount of time and reducing energy generation downtime during the usual service periods.

The WT01H hand pump has been CE and UKCA marked

You can view the declarations of conformity below.

Coupling assembly with check valve and dust cap

The WT01H hand pump comes with a 90° knurled adaptor for simple connection to the UFI air filter port.

The coupling assembly contains an integral check valve, meaning there will be minimal discharge once the top up process has been concluded and the coupling is removed from the hydraulic system.

Our proven super-clean fluid dispensing system will ensure there is no contamination during the service period, keeping your system running efficiently for longer.

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