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Risbridger Ltd proudly sponsor the BLOODHOUND SSC and the Vulcan to the Sky projects


Risbridger have supplied their proprietory fluid replenishing dispensers to the BLOODHOUND SCC Project, to allow superclean oils and fluids to be dispensed into the gearbox and engine systems.

This type of dispenser is used in military and civil aviation as well as F1 motorsport and other applications where super-clean fluids are critical to the safe functioning of systems.

Find out more about the BLOODHOUND SSC and Risbridger’s involvement in the project at the newly launched website:

Vulcan to the Sky

Vulcan to the Sky Trust is a British charity that owns and operates Vulcan XH558 a former Royal Air Force Avro Vulcan V bomber operating from a former V-bomber base at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport. The trust is dependent on fund raising and support from the public.

Risbridger continues to support the Vulcan to the Sky project. When the project began in 2005, Risbridger initially supplied four 1130 Series replenishing pumps and offered technical support for repairs and spare parts for the units where required — these parts were either offered free of charge or at reduced prices depending on availability and cost.

Find out more at the Vulcan to the Sky website: