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2886 Flyaway Kit

Boeing 777
(GE90 Engines)
Stock Code: 2886

The kit contains the following equipment:

  • Stock code 2887 Air Starter Fill Hosewith quick disconnect coupling to fit 7090 pump only
  • Stock code 2888 Air Starter Drain Hose with quick disconnect coupling
  • Stock code 2315 Drain Bottle (5 litre) to fit 2888 hose only
  • Stock code 7090 Re-Oiling Pump to fit 1 US quart cans. Includes hose, sight glass/bleed valve and 1870 coupling

This boxed set of equipment is designed to provide “superclean” oil filling and convenient clean drainage during removal and fitting of the engine starters.

This makes an ideal emergency flyaway pack or permanent down-the-line tool kit. The equipment is stored in a high strength, red plastic transit case.

The compartmented case will also hold three spare 1 US quart cans.

Applicable to the following aircraft models: Boeing 777 (GE90 Engines) only

Size: 68 x 38 x 46cms
Gross weight: 10.54kgs