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DEAD-STOP Overfill Prevention Valve


Protect against risk of overfill

The DEAD-STOP is a 2” overfill prevention valve with a ZERO leak rate, suitable for commercial above ground diesel storage installations, generator belly tanks and pressure deliveries.

With a flow rate of 10 – 500 l/min and a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar (145 psi) the DEAD-STOP is suitable for a range of applications, protecting against the risk of an overfill should other methods fail.

UK Patent No: GB2582354

A high-quality overfill prevention valve with Zero leak rate

Suitable for commercial above ground storage tank installation and pressure deliveries, incorporating many proven features from our RIS-STOP range.

  • Cartridge construction for easy installation and in-situ examination via a single 2” aperture.
  • High flow capacity
  • Effective at low flow rates (10 – 500 l/m) pressure delivery up to 10 bar maximum.
  • Suitable for fuels of SAE10 or lower
  • Compatible with all pipework brands
  • Flexible connectors are available, to make installation easy and remove stress from pipework,
    which can distort the valve and prevent it from operating correctly
  • The valve shuts in the direction of the flow, ensuring a positive seal maintained by the fill
  • 100% tested in factory


Anodised aluminium
Viton A (FKM)
Stainless steel
Nitrile rubber bonded cork
HDPE closed cell foam

Suitable For:

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