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A Brilliant Record of Long Service at Risbridger!

Today was the 40th anniversary of our Steve McFadden joining Risbridger (well it was technically W & J Risbridger Limited in those days)

We hope Steve enjoys the ‘Home Bar’ and beer kegs we presented to him. He will be ever more popular with an asset like this!

He doesn’t yet hold the Longest Serving Employee record but he’s working on it! Gerry has been in the company for 65 years and David Imms retired with 50 years under his belt!

Steve is a great guy to have on your side and having been with us so long he has an immense knowledge base. He believes that he should help everyone as much as he can, and he delivers on this sentiment every time.

Keith Robinson will tell you that Steve has been a great help to him since he joined in 2014.

I have only good things to say about Steve, and Gerry who has known him the longest says he wishes he could clone him!

We are grateful to all our staff, long standing and newer recruits and thank them for all they do for us.

Annie Risbridger Hind
28th May 2019