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Long Live Evolution.

The first version of anything is seldom what in later years would become recognised as “the finished article”.

Charles Rolls and Henry Royce did not design their very first car and then put their feet up. Making the worlds’ best car takes a bit more effort than that.

Materials change, manufacturing processes and equipment change, as does legislation. For example, in the early days of engineering products, it would never have been possible to get air powered mixers, but now, thanks to technological progress, industrial mixers have evolved and developed to meet the needs of manufacturers all over the world. Each of these things can have major effects on the products that Risbridger offer to the market and the evolution of our products can be strongly influenced by these changes.

Here at Risbridger we have watched some of our products evolve under these influences. Since AdBlue® first arrived on the scene there has been much discussion about the danger of spillages to the environment. AdBlue® is polluting to groundwater and can be toxic to fish and other animals.

As protection against dispenser damage from traffic and the potential for spillages, the AdBlue® delivery system requires an under-dispenser shear valve of similar design principles to the RIS-SHEAR-G2, but of a material impervious to the corrosive nature of AdBlue®. The first RIS-SHEAR-ADBLUE was made from HDPE and stainless steel, all suitable materials but the design required careful installation in order not to stress or fail the valve before it was put into service.

Risbridger then developed the valve to increase its pre-installed stability and make it easier to fit. As always, we reacted to knowledge gained through our installation engineering customers. The RIS-SHEAR-ADBLUE-MK2 has stainless steel and Viton construction for components in contact with the product and an aluminium break ring designed to meet the required shear specification.

Installing a shear valve under the AdBlue ® dispenser is vital, as it allows easy replacement without spillage, unlike a length of flexible or convoluted hose.

In an evolving market we continually evolve our products – long live evolution!

AdBlue® is a trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA). See www.vda.de/de

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