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Coming To A Dead-Stop

Sometimes it is not a bad thing to come to a DEAD-STOP. Indeed we at Risbridger think people who use day tanks and belly tanks for diesel storage will find that coming to a DEAD-STOP will suit them very nicely indeed.

Designed as a failsafe valve for the generator industry, the DEAD-STOP* Overfill Prevention Device will be a great last line of defence against tank overfills and will work perfectly in conjunction with, but not be dependent on, any electronic tank level control systems. Unlike our RIS-STOP range of Overfill Prevention Devices, the DEAD-STOP* valve has been designed without a leak rate to protect your tanks from accidental overfill if the primary level control system fails.

Mechanically set at installation to close at a fill level slightly above the HIGH-HIGH warning of the electronic system, the DEAD-STOP* OPV will not only stop the flow of fluid through the valve and into the tank, but will then will require the fluid level to be lowered back to within normal operating levels and a tank side manual re-set before the valve can be reopened and filling can recommence.

The DEAD-STOP OPV* can also be tested during the filling cycle to ensure that the valve is functioning in a satisfactory manner, adding another level of security to your tank overfill protection.

*(Patent pending GB1903863.7 and GB1903864.5)

Chris Godfrey