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Continuity and Continuous Improvement

Continuity and Continuous Improvement

Here at Risbridger we whole heartily believe in both continuity and continuous improvement. The two are not mutually exclusive!

On our Continuous Improvement board, we log even the smallest improvements – it might be a new finish to a turned part, improved machining times or cutting down the number of operations to produce a component. All these are discussed in our regular meetings and celebrated.

As far as continuity goes,

·      Some of our products have been made and sold for well over 50 years,

·      Steve, one of our Machinists has worked here for 38 years,

·      Our quality certification has been in place for 25 years,

·      Another of our employees, Wendy, has worked here for 21 years!

All ‘topped off’ with Gerry our Chairman who has been here for 65 years!

Continuity and Continuous Improvement in our Quality Engineering Solutions!

Annie Risbridger

Managing Director

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